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  • Mace Pepper Guns Price Slash

    A very nice less-than-lethal option happens to be our line of Mace Pepper Guns. A good product is our Mace Pepper Gun-Silver which a safe option to handle those would-be attackers or even pesky animals.

    If black is a better color for you, there is the Mace Pepper Gun-Black for you.

    A special treat for the ladies is our Mace Pepper Gun-Pink which is stylish AND an even better psychological deterrent for those would-be attackers - I mean, who wants to get shot with a pink gun?

    For better distance, find our Mace Brand Pepper Gun 2.0 which has the same power as the other Mace Pepper Guns but with the safety of added distance.

    We've even dropped the price on our Pepper Gun Refills!

    The prices for these Mace Pepper Guns have been slashed to $54.95 through the rest of the year, so if you're looking to give the gift of protection this Holiday season then now is the time to pick up one of these beauties.

    Thanks again for shopping with SelfDefenseDeviant.com!

  • Deviant Price Slash on Diversion Safes!

    As true to our mission, we just made it easier to protect your assets!

    Check the prices of our diversion safes against any and all of those our competitors offer, and you'll see that our prices can't be beat.

    As a reminder to our first 50 customers, using the promo code "first50" gets you an incredible 15% MORE off the prices of these diversion safes.

    Check in more, we're not done slashing prices!


    Thanks for choosing www.SelfDefenseDeviant.com for your protection needs!


  • Welcome to Self Defense Deviant!

    www.SelfDefenseDeviant.com helps you find the tools you need in order to secure your personal well being from the hazards of today's world - the world where you are taught to submit, taught that the law is your friend, taught that the police will protect you...

    We are taught to let ourselves be victims to criminals who think nothing of our personal state, where our possessions or body is little more than things to be taken - and we to give them willingly without struggle or conflict.

    We are taught that the law is our friend, yet those who go through the "justice system" are given lenient sentences as long as they act as snitches or tattletales, giving information to those officials of the law that will get their partners in crime in more trouble than themselves. And us, as victims, are given no sense of peace from this little exchange of favors between perpetrators and the... law.

    We are taught that the police are our friend, but that fact of the matter is that unless they are RIGHT THERE when you are being mugged or assaulted or raped - their involvement comes AFTERWARDS. Our trauma is ours while the police are bogged in the mire of bureaucracy and the perpetrators are treated in a fashion much better than we were.


    We have the ability to protect ourselves. We have the duty to protect ourselves. We have the RIGHT to protect ourselves.

    For us at SelfDefenseDeviant.com it is our honor to aid you in your endeavors to protect yourself, your family and community, and your lifestyle.

    W  E L C O M E !

    As a special thank you, please use the Promo Code "first50" to receive a 15% discount off your purchase. This offer is for the first 50 customers and is not limited to any purchase under 25 items from our site.

    Thank you from all of us at SelfDefenseDeviant.com


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